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Experience and ambition come together at the NEBO event. Partners and attendees profit from this. We believe NEBO can help anybody to connect with people who love Bosnia and Herzegovina, build new cooperations and explore opportunities. Everybody is welcome, whether you’re a student, a hard-working professional or a business owner.


Students are the foundation on which the future is built. For students who want to make a start in connecting professionally with Bosnians worldwide, NEBO is a valuable opportunity. At NEBO, students can get to know peers, professionals and businesses to share ideas and look for internships. Additionally, student tickets are free! If you are a student and interested in what the future holds, join us at the NEBO event!


Hard-working professionals from all fields are the backbone of the economy and innovation. By bringing together ambitious and future-oriented professionals an environment is created in which ideas and dreams are shared, and new opportunities may arise. Whether you are looking for a new challenge, or whether you want to learn from like-minded peers, at NEBO you are in the right place. Join us for a drink, share your ideas and build the network!


Businesses and entrepreneurs come together at the NEBO event to get to know professionals, students and other businesses. The possibilities that may arise will be interesting and unforgettable. New cooperations, clients or internships are only some of the perks. In addition, a good entrepreneur will always be on the lookout for new things to learn that will help him improve his business even more! Are you a business owner with a heart for BiH and an adventurous spirit? Join others like you at the NEBO event!

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