Our vision and mission

NEBO is a concept created by a new generation of Dutch Bosnian and Herzegovinian students, professionals and entrepreneurs. We believe the Bosnian community nation-wide has tremendous potential. We want to combine and harness that potential. Our vision is creating a sustained cooperation between students and professionals that have a soft spot in their heart for the heart-shaped country; Bosnia and Herzegovina. To achieve our goals, we have created a networking platform, NEBO. Here entrepreneurs that want to grow their network (and business), students that want to work on their CV, and professionals that want to learn from eachother can find and help eachother. Learning from eachother, networking and innovating is what NEBO wants to achieve. The first event will be a networking event for which everyone is invited to get to know eachother and build new bridges into the future.

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Meet The Team

Samra Sabljić
Samra Sabljić
Chairman and Lead Designer
Hello my name is Samra, I am an industrial design engineer from the University of Twente. I am finishing my MSc now and my interest lies in human-technology relations. I am also doing the honours programme ‘Change Leaders’ now and love to put that knowledge into practise within this wonderful NEBO organization!
Ibrahim Vidimlić
Ibrahim Vidimlić
Marketing Manager
Hi, my name is Ibrahim. I am a graduated civil engineer and I am now pursuing my master in structural engineering. As civil engineers we build bridges. We connect people physically but also metaphorically, that's why I care about the NEBO initiative. My main strengths are my analytical and inquisitive nature.
Haris Sefer
Haris Sefer
Account Manager
My name is Haris Sefer. I am 22 years old, born and raised in the Hague. I am currently a student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, studying European Studies. I am also an active member/volunteer at Mladi BiH (Bosnian Youth Organisation in the Netherlands). Because of my interest in international relations and the improvement of internal and external relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I felt NEBO was an opportunity to further my best of interest.
Maja Vasić
Maja Vasić
Marketing Director
Hello everybody, my name is Maja and I am part of the NEBO team as Marketing Manager. I graduated from Communication and Information Sciences and at this moment I work as a Business Consultant at a consultancy/software company where I have various tasks which involve both bringing in new customers and keeping our existing customers satisfied. Marketing and networking are key aspects in my daily work and the knowledge I gathered, can be used to create a big networking platform which NEBO intends to do.

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