February: Moving forward

Lots has changed since our business networking event at the end of 2018 and we been busy working a lot behind the scenes: refining our core-values and corporate vision, recruiting new team-members and making future plans for our growing networking platform, including upcoming events. Now the time has finally come, to tell you all about it.


The hardworking core of the NEBO organisation that keeps everything running smoothly, are managing partners Haris Sefer and Samra Sabljic. They have been there since the very beginning around the end of 2017, when the seeds for the networking platform as it is today were planted. Since the very beginning of NEBO, many people have played a role in this organisation, some sticking around a bit longer than others, but fact is that our team changes all the time. The reason we work with freelancers is that we strive to be innovative and creative all the time. With every new team member new ideas and opinions are embraced. Working with different people who have real passion for what they do, ensures an organisation like NEBO keeps moving forward.

As the next-generation that truly has ideals about connecting BiH and NL, we feel the responsibility to show you how much both countries have to offer and how much they can benefit from each other. As a team of young, vibrant and flexible people, we are always looking at the newest trends and business opportunities, thinking big and dreaming even bigger. By bringing together interesting individuals, hard working professionals, students and passionate businesses, we hope to create a platform through which people from both countries may benefit. Maybe your company can profit by expanding your business to Bosnia and Herzegovina? Or perhaps you find the missing link that will help you realize that business idea you’ve had for such a long time. Maybe you find the perfect job after graduation? We hope that by joining forces through our NEBO platform and during our events, interesting, sustainable and profitable connections will be made.

In order to create an environment where these kind of connections can arise and exist, it is important to be honest and have trust. Therefore we want to emphasize our other core-values like honesty, neutrality and involvement once more. We believe that without trust there is no way of doing fruitful business. We strive to be a completely neutral platform where any kind of interested professionals of businesses from the Netherlands or from Bosnia and Herzegovina can connect and form valuable business connections – no exclusions.


Refining what NEBO stands for and what our core values really are, did not happen out of nowhere: our managing partners have recruited a new team. However, we are still looking for a new account manager. In the position of account manager, you work closely together with our managing partner Haris Sefer, advising the right partnership to promote possibilities we have to offer. Not with just a quick sales pitch, but based on knowledge and professionalism. You know what is going on at various organizations linked to our cause and how we can contribute. You know better than anyone how to convince potential customers to continue working with us, by telephone or by a personal appointment. Can you score as many appointments as possible? Then we need you in our team! Check the vacancy for more information on what we are looking for.

That said, we are proudly introducing to you our newest colleagues:

Dženita MerdžićMarketing Chief – This communication and marketing queen translates all partner wishes into smart and beautiful design strategies.

Aid HenićWeb Developer & Designer – Doesn’t matter what kind of online problem it is – it will all be solved as quickly as a Bosnian eats 5 cevapcici.

Alma VelićMarketing Manager – As a female electrical engineer she can solve every issue with logical thinking only, making her our true planning diva.

Emel MačkićFinance Manager – Whether you want to pay in Bosnian Marks, Euros, or maybe in Japanese Yen, this money boss will make sure everything goes smoothly.

These are all hard working people, with a network full of Dutch as well as Bosnian relations and connections. You can read more about their professional careers and experiences here.


Credit picture: Selma Hamdić on NEBO event 2018

Now that we have explained our refined core-values and vision for the NEBO platform and introduced our new people, we want to tell you about a next event coming up! During our Business Networking Event at the end of 2018, many interesting people came to listen to our business talks and get to know like-minded people. As the only organisers of the event, we had our hands full making sure none was forgotten and everything went according to schedule. However, we reserved some time to get to know our visitors and look for interesting new partnerships as well. That is when we met a businessman that is also interested in bringing Bosnia and the Netherlands closer together – a match made from heaven.

This Dutch businessman has been brainstorming with other parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina already, with the goals to organise an event similar to ours, but not in the Netherlands! This large event is called ‘the Dutch Days’ and will be held in a city right in the heart of the heart shaped country: Zenica. Without revealing too much, we can already tell you that thanks to the extensive cooperation behind the scenes and the intentions of hosting such an event in BiH, the surrounding region and other major factors will ensure a unique experience. The NE(therlands)BO(snia) vision will be an important factor. As the event will most probably be in September, it is still early in the process and we cannot let out too much yet, but we are super excited about this partnership! We are looking forward to it and working hard to find Dutch businesses and individuals who are interested in visiting this event or partnering up. Curious about these developments? Keep following our monthly blog! Interested in more information about the Dutch Days? Contact us via mail contact@nebo.events or call/ text our managing partner Haris: +31614432971.